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Phil Pollard

Sharon Page

Phil is a commanding relationship and mindset coach, who knows what it takes to make people excel and achieve their goals in every area of life. Phil is a fully qualified trainer and coach in the area of Personal Breakthroughs and Neuro Associative Conditioning as well as a Master in Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques.

He is known to understand what makes individuals, couples and businesses excel, and win in the area of relationships. Phil is also a master of corporate training and exploring the vital relationships between managers and staff, and the all-important customer relationships.

Phil is the owner of Relationship Result and the creator of the premier program ‘from Ordinary to WOW.

email: relationshipresult@outlook.com

Sharon has devoted her life to gaining an insightful understanding of people and human behavioural patterns that enables individuals to bring forth powerful change in their lives.

Sharon has a wealth of experience in facilitating motivational and highly impactful personal breakthroughs, and is passionate towards making a positive difference in peoples lives.

Sharon brings her expertise in Post Relationships, and is the creator of the highly successful 'Power on Purpose' program, designed especially for women who want to be ready for their next relationship

email: relationshipresult@mail.com

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