Empathy in Relationships

Walk a mile in my shoes.

Have you considered what you are like to live with?

Are you ‘hard work’ or are you the perfect partner?

What is it like living with you?

As my wife once said to me “When I married Mr Right I did not think his middle name was Always”

We are but a reflection of what we put out into the universe. If you look for anger and frustration, your world will be one where there is constant dramas and problems, and you may even find your temper gets frayed from time to time. Not a pleasant life pattern.

On the other hand of you live a peaceful life then each problem becomes a challenge where you can apply your skills, with thought and clarity.

So how would you treat a King or Queen or Special guest when they come to visit?

You would probably want to be on your best behaviour, make them comfortable, be friendly and courteous, and have only the best for them. In other words, take away any concerns, as you would for any special guest.

What if your partner was that special guest, or your King or Queen,… All the time?

How would it be if you could take away concerns that they may have, no matter what the size? Sometimes it may be just a simple act of listening at the end of a long and busy day. Would you continually argue with your special guest or have respect for their view?

Mr Right could actually get that there was another point of view.

My challenge for you is to treat your partner as though you were there for them to make their life easier. I guarantee you this will come back to you 10 fold and have them and you living in a peaceful world.

Booking a weekend away or romantic dinner or beach-side picnic may be the perfect start.


Phil Pollard

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