Feelings? …… What’s that all about?

It is a medical fact that the physical responses we have for fear, and for humour, are the same… It is all in the interpretation.

That is why some people love watching horror movies while others prefer to watch a good comedy, in reality they all have the same body sensations.

So, who is responsible for the interpretation?

That is right, you are.

Consider that you are responsible for your feelings at all times. We all feel different things about different situations and people all the time, but do we always act on our feelings? I would hope not.

That is what separates us from the animal kingdom. Imagine if an Olympic marathon runner stopped every time he was tired, he would never finish, instead they notice the tired feeling and keep going anyway. In other words they knew what their intention was from the start, and how they felt along the way was insignificant in comparison to how they were going to feel when they reached their goal.

So now consider your relationship as being marathon like?

Are you prepared to have it work, no matter what?

Are you prepared to go the distance?

Are you prepared to notice your feeling but not always act on them?

Are you prepared to feel great when the relationship is working as you say? Keeping the end of the game in sight at all times is where we need to have our focus.

So we are not our feelings. We notice them, but now We are saying how We feel, and choose to feel that way.

At all times we are in control of our feelings, not anybody else.

The moment we say somebody, or something else made me feel this way we loose all power. Notice the feeling, notice your instinctive reaction, but now say to yourself ‘What if my interpretation could be different?’

You have the control over your feelings, that is the true power to harness here.


Phil Pollard

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