How do You want Your Relationship to be Remembered?

How do You want Your Relationship to be Remembered?

Consider the relationship you are in, if it were to suddenly end how would you review it? Would you say it was the best relationship you had where you gave it all and never held anything back? Or a relationship where you never quite revealed all of yourself and held a few secrets, told a few lies, covered up, withheld some information, possibly cheated once or twice?

When you go into a business partnership you take on that business partner because you can see that more can be accomplished with the both of you than you on your own. Not just double but a factor greater than two times. The same can be said of your relationship.

The dynamics that the two of you can produce far outweigh who you can be on your own. Remember when the two of you first got together and there was a feeling that nothing could stop you from having those dreams you had together? Together you were unstoppable and able to conquer almost any obstacle that life was to throw up at you.

What is Love? Is it a Feeling? Or is that lust and desire that we feel?

Consider that Love is a verb, a doing word, something that calls you to action. Do we stop loving someone because we stop taking the actions of someone who is loving? If you took the actions to love your partner every day, every hour, every minute then you would be very much in love with them, and they would see it, hear it and get it in their bones.

You could even regain that feeling of invincibility once more, when those actions are reciprocated. So play the game of love flat out, no more holding back.

No more making your partner pay for the actions of past loves that may have let you down. Not just being in love, but doing what it takes to be someone in love.

Remember it is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.
Phil Pollard

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