Well the fact that you have come here tells me you are not willing to let your relationship just go.

So the question I am going to ask is –

“Are you willing to take responsibility for your relationship?”

Now be careful what you read here. I said responsibility …. not blame or fault.

Once you take full responsibility for your actions and your part in the relationship we can move on to what is really happening. So now you need to ask yourself what can you be responsible for (without blame or fault from either party)? Make a list so we can start to view them together. Really look hard and honestly at the way you make the list. Nobody else will see this. It’s only for you.

Look how you are responsible for the relationship, the way it is and the way it isn’t. Really look at being fully responsible for your relationship. Do you see a relationship as being 50/50? In reality if it’s not 100/100 it will always be in jeopardy somewhere. Look how there were things you could have done, or didn’t do that may have made a difference, mostly these will be around the area of open and honest communication.

Once you truly get responsible for your relationship you can regain some power – The power to now make a difference to your relationship.

You will be at the cause of your relationship, not a victim of it.

Phil Pollard

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