Saving My Relationship

There is one common thread in all your relationships. That common thread is in your relationships with your parents, your siblings, relatives, work colleagues and friends. It is also in every successful and every failed relationship.

That common thread and dominating factor is the person in the mirror, that is right, it is You.

So now it makes sense to focus all our attention on getting you to a state of not just being the one responsible for all your relationships, but also the one to make a massive difference to all your relationships.

Have you ever noticed the impact you have on others in your relationships? In other words, how do others remember you? What would your partner say about you to others? What would your relatives, friends and work buddies say about you to others? Would it be consistent?

It really does not matter what, or who you think you are, what matters is how you are being, lands with others. Said another way, it is what you do, and what you say, around others that will have them say who you are.

Now that you know that, how will you choose to act around others? Will you now actually choose to be someone who is caring, thoughtful, peaceful, loving, generous and charismatic? Or will you choose to be demanding, always right, justifying, blaming and making excuses?

It is time to take charge of your life and have it go the way you say.

Have your presence around others be a memorable experience where they are left to only say great things about you. Leave a positive impact on those around you and make a difference with somebody.

And would the perfect place to start be with your partner?


Phil Pollard

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