Will I ever find love again?

So currently you might be considering that the love you had within this previous relationship was it for you, and that you’ll never experience ‘the same love’ ever again? Never will anyone love you like the way they did, and you’ll never be able to love another person, like the way you loved them, right?

It may seem like this right now for you, as they perhaps were the only person whom you truly ever loved, and possibly have been in a long-term relationship with. This so makes sense to be feeling this way, and asking yourself these questions, because you have yet to experience love any other way yet. You only know love to be the way it was for you now, in how it presented itself within your past long term relationship.

So to ever experience love any other way, we firstly need to take a look at the question you have been asking yourself lately ‘Will I ever find love again’ – because ‘Will I ever’ implies that there’s a chance it won’t happen, and, ‘Find love again’ implies firstly; love is something that can be lost and secondly has to be found. So Love is something that can only be reached externally..?

How about considering this instead..

What if love wasn’t external?

What if love come from within?

What would happen if instead, you began to seek this within, (love that is), what you might begin to discover???

What would begin to open up for you in your world? And

How would you begin to see your future, including your next relationship?

What’s different now..?

– Sharon Page –

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